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I’m Kate Geyer; a writer and illustrator currently residing in Melbourne, Australia.

I write fiction and creative non-fiction. I’m less about imagination and more about observation. I like capturing the oh-so-tiny moments that make up a life.

I come from a family of crafters and small-time orators; storytelling is in embedded in everything I do.

I’ve worked as a music journalist, a cinema usher, a TV commercial extra, a florist for a fancy leatherwear store, and recently I’ve been doing a stint working as a marketing assistant for an arts festival. I’ve been writing my illustrated memoir for the past year and it’s nearing its final stages of completion. It’s a bit like My Brilliant Career via Dave Eggers, filtered through the lens of Maira Kalman. It’s haunting and raw and the thing which I’m most proud of.

In other news: I like magazine binges, ping pong and bird watching.

Some of my work is here for you to look at. Please do.

Thanks to Voiceworks and Spineless Wonders for the previous publication of a number of stories. And Sticky for selling my zines and their continued, general awesomeness.

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